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Our sales team has rich experience in machinery.Configuration, floor planning and operation management are available The best solution to provide one stop service!


"Quality first, reputation first, dedicated service, efficient and quick" business philosophy, by providing customers with high quality, market oriented products and perfect
after-sales service and strong technical support, has won the support and trust of our customers. The company adheres to the principle of integrity, pragmatism, mutual
benefit and win-win. In the future with opportunities and challenges, it will meet the needs of the industry with better products and better services.

Share our happiness, spread our idea, all the staff of the company are willing to work with you hand in hand, create a better tomorrow.

  • Thank you for visiting FUNSHARE at the AAA show

    Thank you for visiting us at the AAA show last week! Funshare had an amazing show thanks to all of you! We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did! We debuted many new and exciting products including , plus many more! Here are some photo high lights!




    We are delighted to have received so much interest and inquiries for our latest games, we will be in touch with you in the next couple of days to follow up. Should you have any questions, please contact your sales rep.

  • Treasure Carnival Ticket Redemption Machine

    Treasure Carnival Ticket Redemption Machine is our R&D game machine


     Ticket redemption machine
    1. Classic game play, fast and easy to learn
    2. Excellent coins insert rate and easy to make players druck inside.
    3. Able to load variety kinds and sizes of prize

    Treasure Carnival Ticket Redemption Machine is one of hot sale arcade machines. Due to the machine price is on sale and the game very attractive. Come to check our game machine quality! For more, contact us.

  • Welcome to Our Iaapa Orlando Show

    IAAPA Expo Orlando 2019

    ORLANDO, Fla., US (Nov. 18, 2019) — IAAPA Expo 2019 (formerly IAAPA Attractions Expo), the global attractions industry’s premier event, opens today at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Hosted by IAAPA, the global association for the attractions industry, this year’s event features more than 1,100 exhibiting companies from around the world filling 585,000 net square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibition space. More than 38,000 global attractions industry professionals from over 100 countries are expected to attend to learn, buy, and network.

    Funshare At Iaapa Orlando Show booth 3406, waiting for our old and new frienda to come.

  • Funshare Showroom

    New style arcaed game machine at Funshare Showroom, Welcome to come to our showroom to visit!

  • Blalala Prize Game Machine, upgrade generation 2!

    Today, I introduce a new kind of claw machine with special playing ways. Funshare arcade gift prize game machine - Blalala Prize, upgrade generation 2. Let's have a look first.


    How to play:

    After insert coins, find the right timing to press the button, let the arm to dig the candy, then let the candy out of the prize hole and win it.

    Revolution update of prize game, multi ways to operation.

    Set the JP reward,use the value prize to place at JP set.

    Please can get extra prize during playing, attract players keep insert coins.


    Transparent Cover

    Easy to arrange prize and decoration.


    Prize cover can up and down with a button.

    Easy to arrange prize and decoration.


    4 player dome shape design

    Suitable to place at the middle of the game center, take the good use of occupy rate.


    You also choose different gift and decoration, make player more interesting. Here is the reference:In a word, this new kind claw machine has many bright spots, especially so many diamonds, which are very bright in the game room. And it combines the playing ways of the coin dozer, its difficulty.



    Candy pusher game, very attractive for kids and proditable for game center. Welcome to Funshare Amusement.


  • Funshare new product - Multi Crane Claw Machine

    Arcade claw crane machine supplier

    claw machine supplier

    NameMulti Crane Claw Game Machine
    Multi Crane Single SMulti Crane Single LMulti Crane Double SMulti Crane Double L
    Size1800*656*593 mm2015*800*744 mm1800*656*566 mm2015*850*760 mm
    PlayersSingle playerSingle playerDouble playersDouble players
    Voltage110V/ 220V
    Main MaterialMetal
    Where to useAmusement center, game center, shopping center, parks, holiday resorts, theme parks, etc.
    Introduction1.  Need to choose up or down after insert coin                    2.Double layers. Left and right side total 4 gift cabinets          3. Only 1 crane controls each layer's 2 cabinets with different win rate                                                                                4. 0 win rate and 100% win rate can be set                           5. Transparent edge. Attractive1. Upper and lower two consoles                                                2. Double layers. Left and rights side total 4 gift cabinets          3. Only 1 crane controls each layer's 2 gift cabinets                                                                                       4. 0 win rate and 100% win rate can be set                                5. Transparent edge. Attractive

    cheap claw machines


    1.   Clear Frosted Middle Panel

      The panel between The upper floor and down floor we use a Frosted design acrylic, rather than wood panel and metal panel, the light of the whole machines will be more Brilliant, transmittance will be better.


    2.  OLED display screen

    Resolution 256*64, not like the traditional display, this screen only light up the number or word that need to shown, it will not light up the Unnecessary part. The traditional screen light up all screen and use black/ white/ blue color to show the infos.


    3. One claw = Two claw, One claw separate Setting

    Muti Crane’s claw located in the middle of the showcase. Left and right of the crane also can place difference prize . Also left and right side can set different win rate and other setting.

    for example, other supplier’s claw grabber machine , upper floor have two claw, we only have one claw,but we can have same function like two claw machines. beside, we have two floor. Means we can do the thing same with four claw.

    Four times profit, 1 machines =4 machines


    4. Special Lighting display

    Each cranes can link together, if one machines gets prize out, all linked machines will have a flowing light shown, and the prize out unit will flash for 5 seconds. Except lights, the music will also on for the whole unit for the prize out celebration. All the game center will know the prize out.


    Multi Crane Claw Machine

    How to play:

    After insert coin, use joystick to control the claw moving frontward, backward, left and tight. Push the button to catch the gift and let the gift to drop to the gift hole.

    1. R&D mother board. Freely adjusts claw power and win rate basing on the game center situation.

    2. Totally different design of traditional toy crane, whole transpatent cabinet, more beaytiful and attactive.

  • Funshare Company Certificate

    Funshare Company Certificate

    CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that are manufactured in, or designed to be sold in, the EEA.


    Which companies are affected by the RoHS Directive?
    Any business that sells or distributes applicable EEE products, sub-assemblies, components, or cables directly to EU countries, or sells to resellers, distributors or integrators that in turn sell products to EU countries, is impacted if they utilize any of the restricted materials. Since RoHS-like regulations have spread to a number of other countries, this just doen't apply to EU countries anymore.

    RoHS also applies to the metal industry for any application of metal plating, anodizing, chromating or other finishes on EEE components, heatsinks, or connectors.

    Welcome to Funshare Arcade

    Funshare have the strong R&D capability, complete production system, dedicated after-sales service, and rich site management concept, Funshare has developed a variety of new products that meet global market trends and combined with intelligence,fun and high rate of profitability.

  • Sales Department Party in June

    Today was 28th in June. In the end of June, we made an activity to relax ourselves from work.

    When we get off work, we go to dinner. Delicious food make us happy.

    Then we race go kart, make a competition.


    The Girl's Group


    The Boy's Group


    Our Grades


    The life is an athletic field, everybody is embracing the friendship first, competes the second happy desire to strive for success in here.


    Funshare is Quality First, Reputation First, Dedicated Service, Efficient and Quick.

    Funshare arcade share our happiness, spread our idea, all the staff of the company are willing to work with you hand in hand, create a better tomorrow.

  • Funshare Wish you a Happy Dragon Boat Festival

    Funshare Wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival, It is also a time for wishing friends and loved ones happiness and blessings for the remaining months of the year

    Congratulations on a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

  • Funshare Amusement - Arcade Game Machine Factory

    Funshare Amusement - Arcade Game Machine Factory

    Funshare have new game machine, welcome to choose 


    Funshare have a strong R&D team, perfect production system and rich experience, we insist on innovation and focus on market requirement, in order to develop the new products which can meet the market requires and insure the owner can earn more profits at same time, wisdom and funny products make more fun for customer.

    Personal Prospect

    To persist in learning, developing more products as the market trend. To improve personal management ability and group's comprehensive developing ability.

    Funshare offer you:

    1. Advance technology, nice quality.

    2. Factory direct price.

    3. Provide free design service.

    4. Quick shipping within 7 days.

    5. Small order welcome.

    6. Online payment.

    7. After services 24/7.

    We are always do our best to our customers, Click here for more information!

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