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Key Master / Golden Key - 2018-08-30 15:14:01

Funshare - China key master gift machine suppliers and manufacturers, providing a wide selection of key master gift machine made in China with high quality, cheap price. Welcome to contact us now

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Key Master, is the Vending Industry's HOTTEST New Prize Vendor today! 

This vending machine prizes consists of 9, 15, 25 sneakers, many sneakerhead grails and highly sought after shoes. From what I've heard it's very tricky to get the key into the lock as the key perfectly sits inside the lock to reward the player with the shoe they have chosen.

If you do manage to get the key into the lock and win; the shoe that the key opened; if the shoe doesn't have your size you can swap for another shoe. I've never tried my chances at the key master neither did I ever come across this machine.



Get your KEY to high earnings with Key Master

1) Key Master will test your player’s skills as they try to unlock prizes by putting the key in “just” the right spot!

2) Easy to understand and fun to play!

3) It’s the perfect prize vending game for all ages!

4) 3 prize levels, Minor, Medium and Major

5) Brightly lit all steel cabinet with vending style door lock for added security

6) Simple to play using joystick and button controls

7) Prizes hang on simple prize pins making servicing a snap. No spiral retainers or tight shelves!

8) Wide range of operator adjustable difficulty settings let you use the game for the widest variety of prize values.


Popular prizes include: iPhones, iPads, Gift, Pro Sports Tickests and more!

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