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Our sales team has rich experience in machinery.Configuration, floor planning and operation management are available The best solution to provide one stop service!


"Quality first, reputation first, dedicated service, efficient and quick" business philosophy, by providing customers with high quality, market oriented products and perfect
after-sales service and strong technical support, has won the support and trust of our customers. The company adheres to the principle of integrity, pragmatism, mutual
benefit and win-win. In the future with opportunities and challenges, it will meet the needs of the industry with better products and better services.

Share our happiness, spread our idea, all the staff of the company are willing to work with you hand in hand, create a better tomorrow.

  • How to deal with the problems appear during the operation of the game center?


    A. We can send a technician to your country to help you solve all the problems and train your technicians;

    B. We provide technical solutions to customers in the form of video, text or online video and phone with our technicians to solve the problems;

    C. We can do a full range of technical training for you or your staff in our company.

  • How to get more in return?


    A. To hold promotions activities: membership recharge promotion, or issue yearly and season card to large recycle the investment funds; recharge coin, present coin activities; by flyer or electronic volume free receive few game token activities; to look for group purchase;

    B. In major holiday and anniveraery to hold the theme of basketball machine, racing, dance game, lottery machine and prize machine activities, seasonal update site design of advertising publicity theme;

    C. Perennial joint Mall or businesses with make promotions activities, brings more clients;

    D. According to site conditions, to figure out a reasonable program of lottery points for prizes.

  • How to reduce the initial investment reduce investment risk?


    A. Simplify the decoration, use less fiberglass and light box etc. To use more poster or KT Board, etc.

    B. Purchase 70% - 80% equipment first, according to site revenue status and popular machine, then to purchase more this type machines;

    C. Select high revenue of prize machine, lottery machine and high cost - effective machine, less large arcade machines or expensive original machines, only 1 or 2 this machine to upgrade site level and the attract more popularity, purchase the high - end machines in the high season, so you can make the whole site to be attractive.

  • Is Arcade Game Center or FEC (Family Entertainment Center) a profitable business to engage in?

    Answer: Family Entertainment Center and Arcade Center is very hot in United States, UK, Australia and many other developed countries, as arcade games are now a more socially-oriented hangout for all aged people. For these developing countries, such as China, Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa, Middle East and etc., people need more games to relax their high pressure caused by rapid economics development. Take China for example, arcade game sprang up in shopping malls, small "arcade centers" in recent 10 years. It appeared in restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, bars, movie theaters even in small towns almost everywhere.

  • Where should I locate my arcade game center or FEC?

    The primary for a new Arcade Center or FEC is dependent on a high flow of customer traffic and repeat customer visits, so it should be located near high-density, high foot traffic areas near malls, schools, commercial and retail zones, and residential neighborhoods. There is an misunderstanding, even the bus station, train station or air port, there are high flow of passengers, but they always could not have a long time to stay, so these areas is not your target area.

  • Should I target kids, teens, families or a mixture?

    Answer: Before answering this question, you need to analyze which age group is your most potential client near your game site. If it is near shopping mall, all age client can be your target prospect; family oriented game center or FEC is more suitable if your site is in large community area; kids themed arcade center or FEC is match for these areas near the school and kids theme parks; teenager and adults centers are the best choice for these country women is not free to play in public area.

  • Could the government give me the approval on arcade center or FEC opening?

    Answer: Before you continue your path towards opening a new Arcade or FEC, you must insure that this type of business can be granted zoning approval if required, which is usually from your local area's "zoning board", before proceeding further. Some areas in the past discouraged Arcade Center/ FEC from opening in their area, so it is mandatory you check with your local authorities first.

  • Where could I find a professional consultant on my floor planning and decoration?

    Answer: FUNSHARE may provide free floor planning for you. From the intuitionistic CAD drawing paper, you can see all the machines will be located with details. Meanwhile, FUNSHARE also provide free customised poster design for all our clients.

  • How can I theme my arcade center or FEC and how big it should be?

    Answer: Besides manufacturing various kinds of arcade game machines, FUNSHARE also provide creation of the facility's theme, design, floor plan and construction blueprint if needed. Our engineer team and sales are ready to share our extensive knowledge on arcade design, planning, theming and construction, along with arcade industry "best practices". In the past 5 years, FUNSHARE has provided one stop service to more than 300 arcade centers all over the world.

    The correct size and location for your facility will depend on variety of factors such as local population size, number of other competitors and the market demographics within your area, along with the size and budget of your project.

    Creating a business plan or budget with operational expenses, determining target audience, and conducting a feasibility study to project profitability (facilities larger than 800 Square meters) If your new facility cost will be large, an initial feasibility study is the only safe way to determine that your project will be profitable and suitable for your desired location. Funshare uses the industry's top experts to conduct these studies on your behalf to determine if your project is both financially and technically feasible, and that the revenue, expense and development costs are realistic and achievable.

  • What kind of arcade game machines should I choose?

    Answer: After completing the above tasks, the final decision is what type of arcade games and other types of amusement equipment to purchase for your facility, which will be determined usually by the size and type of facility you are opening. This can range from video arcade games, redemption arcade games, motion simulators and etc., to token machines or newer swipe card systems that eliminate the hassle and security issues with token use, while providing real-time data on the profitability of your games, and the ability to re-program game prices remotely, so you can offer special game prices for "happy hour" or set all games on "free-play" for parties or other types of game promotions, which is time consuming for token-operated games.

    The oversea sales in FUNSHARE have rich experience in customized arcade center planning. Most importantly, we can correctly guide you in selecting and purchasing only the most profitable and exciting mix of arcade, sports and redemption games, all at the very best prices, free of charge.

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