Funshare Game

The Bee Park 2

Kiddie Rider

  • The Bee Park 2

Product parameter

  • SIZE:Φ1430*H2500
  • POWER:400W
  • The Bee Park 2
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Children's carousel   (3 seats)

Super load-bearing

The use of high-strength plastic injection molding, strong toughness, a large increase in the proportion of load-bearing ceiling, up to withstand the use of 40 kg children.

Green material

Non-pungent smell, safe and nontoxic, bright color and bright, durable suits, acid and alkali, anti-aging, anti-leakage, with high temperature and low temperature does not deform, not catalytic and so on.

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Membership card

Membership card

Membership Card is an additional service that can provide to...

Graphic Artist Designer

Graphic designes

Include with indicatiton(Braind and trade mark)...

Lottery design

Lottery design

Able to design the lottery under the style and theme of the game centers...

Brand design

Brand design

According to the properties of the game center and the idea...


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