Funshare Game

Happy Crane Pink Style

Prize Game Machine

  • Happy Crane Pink Style
  • Happy Crane Pink Style

Product parameter

  • SIZE:W1490*D1490*H1550 mm
  • VOLTAGE:220V/110V
  • POWER:100W
  • Happy Crane Pink Style
  • Happy Crane Pink Style
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How to play:

It is a individual development crane game by funshare. It's a kond of kid's prize machine. Every machine comes with 4 players positions. With simple design, beautiful light and wonderful music, it gives children happy playing atmosphere. In the mean time, the award of candy will make children excited. After insert coin, catch the proper time to press the button to make the claw go down. The claw will crane some candy or gift and drop it onto the moving plate. The moving plating will continuing to push the candy go into the gift hole. When there is enough candy in the moving plate, candy will be pushed into the hole.


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