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Multi Crane-Double S

claw machine

  • Multi Crane-Double S
  • Multi Crane-Double S
  • Multi Crane-Double S
  • Multi Crane-Double S
  • Multi Crane-Double S

Product parameter

  • SIZE:1800*656*566 mm
  • VOLTAGE:220V
  • POWER:
  • Multi Crane-Double S
  • Multi Crane-Double S
  • Multi Crane-Double S
  • Multi Crane-Double S
  • Multi Crane-Double S
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NameMulti Crane Claw Game Machine
Multi Crane Single SMulti Crane Single LMulti Crane Double SMulti Crane Double L
Size1800*656*593 mm2015*800*744 mm1800*656*566 mm2015*850*760 mm
PlayersSingle playerSingle playerDouble playersDouble players
Voltage110V/ 220V
Main MaterialMetal
Where to useAmusement center, game center, shopping center, parks, holiday resorts, theme parks, etc.

How to play:

After insert coin, use joystick to control the claw moving frontward, backward, left and tight. Push the button to catch the gift and let the gift to drop to the gift hole.

1. R&D mother board. Freely adjusts claw power and win rate basing on the game center situation.


2. Totally different design of traditional toy crane, whole transpatent cabinet, more beaytiful and attactive.



1.Linkable light reflection. one machiens prize out, the links machines will all flash together.
2.Light program adjustable, program editable.
3.All transparent Acrylic showcase, light cover all showcase.
4.Smooth and fast Cranes set.
5.Two floor can set different winrate.



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