Funshare Game

3D Extreme Flight 2

Children / shootings / double positions

  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2

Product parameter

  • SIZE:W1480*D2090*H2240 mm
  • SCREEN:22
  • VOLTAGE:220V
  • POWER:800W
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
  • 3D Extreme Flight 2
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Introduction of 3D Extreme Flight 2 Kiddie Rides

1.1       Machine Brief

3D limit flight 2 helicopter kiddie ride is a 3D game simulator designed for 3~15 children

3D extreme flight 2 kiddy ride with beautiful appearance and best game contect, devoted to providing children with healthy game services, so that children in the virtual world, give full play to their imagination, to meet the curiosity of children, to develop a more healthy and positive outlook on life and values. 3D limit flight 2 its 360 degrees of rotation, vertical lift, left and right tilt game console experience stronger, more attractive, more innovative. Good resolution screen, interactive game play, cool lighting effects, compared to the ordinary 2D children's game, there is certain characteristics, which can better meet the children's curiosity to explore.

1.1       Machine Characteristics

1. ultra sci-fi mecha aircraft design theme, have a unique style, cool light, very attractive;

2. unique gameplay, with 360 degree rotation and move up and down, give the game player unique driving experience

3. unique body design, simulated real aircraft control, the real flight driving environment, let the game player like body flying in space。

1.2      Machine parameter


Voltage: AC 220 V   50/60 Hz

Power:1300 W

Weight:230 Kg

Proper temperature:0 ℃ ~ +50 ℃

Coin diameter range:Diameter(24mm ~ 26mm)

Coin thickness range:Thickness(1.7mm ~ 2.1mm)

3d2 860x640.jpg




Super upgrade of 3D extreme flight

1. Game mode multiple

2. Cool appearance eye-catching

3. Left and right accelerator and control handle

4. 360 fire! Up and down. And speed up

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