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Super Mvp 3

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  • Super Mvp 3
  • Super Mvp 3
  • Super Mvp 3
  • Super Mvp 3
  • Super Mvp 3
  • Super Mvp 3

Product parameter

  • SIZE:W1360*D2000*H2090 MM
  • VOLTAGE:220V
  • POWER:550W
  • Super Mvp 3
  • Super Mvp 3
  • Super Mvp 3
  • Super Mvp 3
  • Super Mvp 3
  • Super Mvp 3
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MVP3 Basketball Game Machine Supplier

1.Equip with strong Digital dot screen, shows the game process vivid and better game play feeling.
2.Disassemble foldable structure, not take too much space in cointainer.
3.Back and front basket movement, more like playing a real basketball in 2 point and 3 point spot.
4.Hi-fi Music Standard equipment inside, able to give a strong feeling to the player and make them exciting 
during playing. Very good sound effection.
5.Full led flowing light bar cover around the machine body.

Game Play:
1.Four Round in Total, fist round basket in Two point area, will move at the Three pont area in the middle
of the second round, Third and fourth round will at the 3 point area and exchange frenquently with 2 point area.
2.Each round at the last 5 second, the ball score if goal, this gold will double up, it will have a flashing show in the
3.Other basketball, press start button, say 3~2~1~go, them the ball drop to you.
Supermvp say 3(ball start to drop)~2~1(you can get the ball)~them you can throw the ball at once when game start.
It will have a very good player experience to the player.

Difference with other basketball:
1.Back and front movement of the basket.
2.Hi-FI Music standard equitment.
3.Full LED flowing light Bar.
4.Software Program will give a better experience to the player.(ball drop timing and double score timing)


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