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Time Crisis 4

  • Time Crisis 4
  • Time Crisis 4
  • Time Crisis 4
  • Time Crisis 4

Product parameter

  • SIZE:D2400*W1900*H2300 mm
  • SCREEN:47
  • VOLTAGE:220V/110V
  • POWER:650W
  • Time Crisis 4
  • Time Crisis 4
  • Time Crisis 4
  • Time Crisis 4
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Time Crisis 4 Shooting simulator games.

Twin player with Pistol fire classic mode

1) As a light gun shooting game, the biggest feature of Time Crisis series is the addition of a" hidden "elements, and a pedal is arranged in the body, by pedal to achieve escape and shooting, and through the tight time constraints to make the game process compact.

2) This way not only makes the light gun shooting game with a certain strategy, but also changed the previous disadvantage-monotonous, and more in line with the reality of the situation.


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